May 2021

Chai Whisky Sour

A robust take on a Whisky Sour, this iteration integrates the bright acidity of lemon juice with the wholesomeness of a handcrafted chai tea syrup. This slightly spiced and sexy sipper is best enjoyed fireside or with a big ‘ol plate of charcuterie, amongst loved ones.


Cocktail shaker (substitute with a mason jar)

Jigger (substitute with measuring spoons)

Bar strainer (substitute with a mesh strainer)

Juicer (substitute with a fork)

Muddler (substitute with pestle and mortar or wooden spoon)

Coup glass (substitute with a rocks glass)


2 oz Whisky

¾ oz Chai Syrup

½ oz Lemon Juice

3 Full Droppers Miraculous Foamer

4 droppers Black Pepper & Cardamom bitters

Garnish: pink peppercorns

Plenty of ice


1. Scan Spotify code on recipe card to access playlist.

2. Measure and add ingredients for 1 serving (except for garnish) into shaker.

3. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds (dry shake).

4. Add ice to shaker and shake vigorously for 15 seconds (wet shake).

5. Crack 3 peppercorns by muddling and sprinkle over one side of the cocktail.