January 2022

New Horizon's

Detox the holiday away with this fantastic, fruity, and fun gin cocktail. Planning on keeping January dry? No problem! This libation is for the booze-hounds and the booze-free.


Jigger (substitute with measuring spoons)

Cocktail shaker (substitute with a mason jar or protein shaker)

Bar strainer (substitute with a mesh strainer)

Bar spoon (substitute with a regular spoon)

Juicer (substitute with a fork)

Muddler (substitute with pestle and mortar or wooden spoon)

Rocks or Double Old Fashioned glass


2 oz Gin

1⁄2 oz Lemon Juice

3⁄4 oz Yuzu Syrup

5 Full Droppers of Cypress Bitters

2 oz Soda Water

4 Thyme Sprigs

Garnish: Thyme Sprig


1. Combine gin, lemon juice, yuzu syrup, and bitters into shaker tin.

2. Add 3 sprigs of thyme to shaker tin and gently muddle.

3. Add ice to shaker tin and shake for 15 seconds.

4. Strain into a Rocks or Double Old Fashioned glass over fresh ice.

5. Top with soda water and stir to combine.

6. Garnish with a sprig of thyme.

7. Instagram and share your beautiful cocktail with @wearecocktail.club.


If you’d rather forgo the alcohol, increase the volume of soda water to 4 oz per drink.